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The company was founded in 1979. Owners David Robertson and Wayne Scholes teamed up to form a company that would do quality construction projects through-out the Central Valley. Nolan-Thomas has completed a wide variety of projects including large retail, telecommunication, medical office and surgical facilities, food service and restaurant, tenant improvements, industrial, municipal, new and modernization school projects. With ethics and enthusiasm, Nolan-Thomas has continued to be successful and is still going strong after almost a quarter of a century.

Here at Nolan-Thomas we believe a constructive attitude sets us apart. Complex construction projects involve many people with different agendas and frames of reference. As the builder, we see our role as the constructive contributor. We strive to work with our subcontractors to deliver the best quality work we can produce, but we don't stop there. We make working with our team a positive experience for all involved. We honor and respect the viewpoints, the needs, and the goals of our clients, our vendors, our referring associates, and our individual team members.

The Taylor Group Rendition of the New Herwaldt Mercedes Benz Dealership built by Nolan-Thomas.

See also: The Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurant. One of the many projects by Nolan-Thomas. Click for larger views:

Nolan Thomas Construction